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Please don't resign without an offer!!!
Please don't resign without an offer!!!
Once you start applying for companies, it would take 1 to 4 weeks for your resume to get shortlisted, then you'll have to go through the interview process which could be completed within 3 to 4 days or could stretch for a month depending upon your HR and lastly after the HR round it might again take 1–2 weeks for them to release your offer letter. If you are lucky, the whole process could end within 15 days or else could even take around 60 days. It would be a nightmare to be on notice period for that many days without an offer.
Job hunt is not easy, no matter how talented you are, it still requires a lot of patience. Everytime the HR cuts your call or doesn't respond to your text, it'll shatter your confidence. Can't blame the HRs as well because they'll be dealing with hundreds of different profiles. Because of this you might end up taking resignation back. If you do that you won't be able to switch for another year.
So if you are feeling stuck or unproductive in your project, start applying for jobs. In the meantime, Upskill yourself, which will increase the chances of your resume getting shortlisted.
Once you start interviewing, prepare well. Initially it might not go as expected. Learn from the experience, fill the gaps but most importantly keep going. You'll definitely get the job you want and it'll be worth the effort.
It's better to be safe than sorry. Good luck!!!